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Yesterday was the first day of fall and oh do I feel the world changing all around me. I went to the Treasure Island music festival in San Francisco this weekend. I went to see the kills and the Raconteurs—they were both so good! And noboby clapped. Those poor sad hipsters. They are so nervous about having their choices impugned they could barely risk a cheer.

Lets get back to fearless I say. And that brings me to my album. Here we are today in the studio and tony is playing guitar on a new song called "Why Can't You Be." He's been getting these gorgeous blues tones lately—fender strat through a fender showman and a movaje 2x12 cabinet. Tony can play guitar like the devil himself. When he's done, I'm going to fly to Seattle where my friend Kimya Dawson is going to sing and she sounds like an angel, but that is a story to tell on a different blog. It's a duet by the way.

I don't know you, but I love you all for you are all made of lions!
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