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Stephan is an Ubersexual?!

Haha. I stumbled upon this article at the very best 3EB site. This was written in November '05, so it's really old, BUT, I found it funny, so here ya go...

The time has come, as it must for all labels, for the word metrosexual to fade into the dustbin of history. Now this media-driven group of men must step aside as sensitive-guy icons and make room for the latest in alleged masculine heroes: ubersexuals.

The use of metrosexuality as an identifier, like "Generation X" and, inevitably, "Generation Y," has spread impossibly fast since the term became popular two years ago as a way to categorize straight guys who apply moisturizer, tweeze their eyebrows and get facials.

The new ideal, according to veteran trend-spotting promoters Marian Salzman, Ira Matathia and Ann O'Reilly, as described in their new book, "The Future of Men," is ubersexuality. The word means a "return to the positive characteristics of the Real Man of yesteryear (strong, resolute, fair)," according to the writers, who helped spread the word on metrosexuality in the first place.

Unlike metrosexuals, who the authors now claim risk being seen as "sad sacks" who seem "incapable of retaining their sense of manhood," ubersexuals are confident, rugged and influential.

The authors' list of Top 10 Ubersexuals includes George Clooney, Bill Clinton, Bono, Barack Obama, Guy Ritchie, Jon Stewart and others whose growing sex appeal reflects a drop-off in metrosexuals' popularity, according to the writers, who say metrosexuals now seem high-maintenance, self-absorbed and overly dependent on women's fashion tips.

Stephan Jenkins. The 41-year-old singer of Third Eye Blind lives in North Beach, and he seems to be a big-time ubersexual, a quick mover with broad masculine appeal to many women and men. The Oakland native was UC Berkeley's valedictorian in 1987, and he recently dated (and might still, if is correct), 25-year-old singer Vanessa Carlton. Previous girlfriends include Winona Ryder and Charlize Theron.


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