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[13 Oct 2008|11:03pm]

Err.. hi. :]
I tried searching for a third eye blind community and this is all I could find.. haha.

Soooo.. I was just looking for a document and happened to come across this sticker that I had stashed away for about 10 years.
It was signed by people.. I'm not sure who anymore cause I can't really read the names but I met the band a long time ago. Rather than just get rid of it, since it's signed and all, I thought maybe someone would want it?

Leave a comment if you want it and I'll be happy to mail it to you. :]

Here's a picture..Collapse )
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Stephan Blogs [25 Sep 2008|08:25pm]

Yesterday was the first day of fall and oh do I feel the world changing all around me. I went to the Treasure Island music festival in San Francisco this weekend. I went to see the kills and the Raconteurs—they were both so good! And noboby clapped. Those poor sad hipsters. They are so nervous about having their choices impugned they could barely risk a cheer.

Lets get back to fearless I say. And that brings me to my album. Here we are today in the studio and tony is playing guitar on a new song called "Why Can't You Be." He's been getting these gorgeous blues tones lately—fender strat through a fender showman and a movaje 2x12 cabinet. Tony can play guitar like the devil himself. When he's done, I'm going to fly to Seattle where my friend Kimya Dawson is going to sing and she sounds like an angel, but that is a story to tell on a different blog. It's a duet by the way.

I don't know you, but I love you all for you are all made of lions!
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You WILL read this, dammit. [16 Sep 2008|10:30pm]

[ mood | stoked ]

Stephan Jenkins, the lead singer and guitarist for Third Eye Blind, was talking to manager and Nettwerk Music founder Terry McBride about ideas for releasing the band's next album, Ursa Major (Warner Music Group, February '09) when McBride, who does not manage or provide label services for the band, came up with a real humdinger: Why not release stems for fans to play around with in advance of the album's release?

After a moment, Jenkins (right) was sold on the idea. Starting Monday, the band will allow fans to mix and remix songs from Ursa Major before they even hear what it sounds like, on the Indaba music collaboration site. This appears to be the first time a band plans to intentionally leak the components that make up album in advance of its release.

"We were just sort of brainstorming, and (McBride) was the one who said, 'You know, I'd like to see you put out stems before you put out the album, so that there isn't one preconceived notion of what this is," Jenkins told Wired.com.

"For a moment, I thought, 'Wow, I've always been so in control. I've always produced everything I've done (with the help of a mixer), every record I've made'... (McBride's) response was, 'spread the bounty, and the bounty will come.'"

Jenkins saw the value in letting go of some of that control by giving fans the stems for free before the band has finalized its own mixes, so that mixers and remixers will be starting from the raw elements with no way of knowing what the released version of the album will sound like. The best mixes and remixes will be selected by the band for a digital compilation album to accompany the official version.

According to Jenkins, this is an unusually social and productive use of technology.

"I love it! I love the generosity, the inclusiveness of it," he exclaimed. "What Indaba has is the ability to use technology to actually make the community smaller. We constantly have this conversation going on where these totally socially maladjusted kids who are vitamin D deprived are sitting in their rooms, unable to reach and communicate with each other, and that's basically what's happened with technology... (on the other hand,) far from being technology as something that isolates, this technology brings people together in a really productive and creative way."

Fans will be able to watch the band recording in the studio and will get the chance to mix and/or remix tracks soon after all the parts have been recorded, according to Indaba co-founder Dan Zaccagnino.

"Every time they finish tracking a song, they are going to put the stems up -- probably every three weeks to a month," he explained via email. "Then, for each set of stems, there will be a contest for people to create the most interesting mixes/remixes," with the winners to be featured on the Ursa Major companion compilation.

When asked whether people would stay true to the spirit of the material or whether they would transport songs into techno and other genres, Jenkins had a great answer:

"We're not giving them the spirit of the material," he said. "The spirit is actually not in the individual tracks, its in the total mix, so they're going to have to take that and define that spirit... I want people to take the music that we've made and be able to pass that through their own intelligence, and Indaba is this tool for them to do that. I like me some dirty bass and some good, evil one-note techno. I just got back from Burning Man."

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3eb icons! [13 Feb 2008|11:13pm]

Yep the name explains it all!


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1st Tattoo [15 Nov 2006|05:12pm]


You want to know how deeply my soul goes?

Just got this on my left hip. The ampersand and elippses stands for my love of writing. and of course..the "deeper than bones" stands for my extreme love of 3eb:)

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[12 Sep 2006|08:56am]

I thought some of you fellow 3eb fans might appreciate this:

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three questions [15 May 2006|10:10pm]

1) as i listen to 'out of the vein', ive notice there are a lot references to his relationship with charlize theron (or im assuming there are) and i was hoping you guys knew of a website with good interpretations of the songs, because all of the sudden ive become really interested in their relationship. was there ever any legitimate gossip surrounding it i could read up on? i don't mean to be exploitive but im just want more insight into the songs.

2) are there any good third eye blind communities on livejournal? ive been looking for a fairly active one that i could join, but have failed to find one and would love some help.

3) would anyone be willing to upload "wounded" for me? ive misplaced the cd but really love the song and wanted to share it with a friend of mine.
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[03 May 2006|01:11am]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey everyone! Okay I just want to let you know that I just left the third eye blind fan community because they were a bunch of d-bags. I went to Villinova University last saturday and saw 3eb. They were awesome and got everyone pumped. I seriously never saw a concert that packed for one band or that energized. I can not wait to get their new album whenever it comes out because the 4 new songs they played were fantastic! anyway here are the pics of Stephan that I took.


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Stephan is an Ubersexual?! [18 Feb 2006|02:35am]


Haha. I stumbled upon this article at the very best 3EB site. This was written in November '05, so it's really old, BUT, I found it funny, so here ya go...
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He's looking a LOT better lately! [20 Jan 2006|07:08pm]


Jan. 20th Park CityCollapse )
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[16 Apr 2005|02:08am]

Okay, I know it's MTV, but I thought I'd let you all know that this sunday on Punk'd, Stephan Jenkins will team up with the Punk'd crew and "punk" Vanessa Carlton...
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[07 Jan 2005|06:24pm]

a 3eb-fan must-have


a *NEW* 3eb Christmas song!
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[27 Sep 2004|03:02am]

happy birthday stephan !
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anybody want his autograph?? and a cute shirt to boot? [01 Sep 2004|02:09pm]

i put a shirt on ebay..
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[13 Aug 2004|01:59am]

I made some 3eb icons

in hereCollapse )
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[15 Jun 2004|02:31pm]

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[13 May 2004|02:54pm]

Happy Birthday Out Of The Vein
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[10 May 2004|01:07am]

After seven years of marriage, I want sex. Really good sex with a lot of beautiful women. It's what men want Ben, even you want it ... as far as I'm concerned, passion, it's out. It went out with the trash.

-Matt King
as portrayed by Stephan Jenkins in the 2003 straight-to-video release, The Art of Revenge.

haha i dont care at all, i still love, admire and respect him.
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[09 May 2004|04:14am]

the latest issue of Spin contains several different random lists relating to music, songs, etc...(obviously ;) ANYWAY!

there was one about "gross hookups" or something like that, musicians who "scored" women out of their league (supposedly) and Stephan was on their for being with Charlize Theron!!!!!! :( and of course, they find the worst possible picture they can of him with her. it didnt even look like him in the pic, his face was all shiny/greasy and he had like longish curly almost hair! aaah. so frustrating. if you ask me, stephan is prettier than her! ;)

Spin blows anyway, they are always hating on 3eb and Stephan.
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x-posted to thirdeyeblind [27 Apr 2004|05:52pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Yep. That's me and Stephan Jenkins.

Here are some pictures from 3eb's concert at Yale this afternoon.

You can see all the pictures on my website: http://groups.msn.com/invasionoftheyaleianfromanotherplanet

More 3eb picturesCollapse )

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